Home Organizing Services

[image_with_text title_tag=”h2″ image=”21691″ title=”Space Planning and Organization of Rooms and Closets” title_color=”#88ace3″]With an extensive background in design, Catherine draws on her natural style and instincts, creating comfortable rooms and functional closets. Awareness of client’s personal styles and requests is Catherine’s first concern. Aside from organizing skills, Catherine has a warm rapport with clients, tailoring her suggestions to their individual requirements.[/image_with_text]
[image_with_text title_tag=”h2″ image=”21811″ title=”Estate and Collections Organization” title_color=”#88ace3″]Photographs, coins, glassware – whether items are large or small, of sentimental or monetary value, family treasures or museum quality acquisitions – all can be sorted, filed, categorized and labeled, then displayed, stored, sold, or donated. Digital photographs and back-up inventory records complete the process, insuring easy information retrieval.[/image_with_text]
[image_with_text title_tag=”h2″ image=”21709″ title=”Coaching for Time Management and Goal-Setting” title_color=”#88ace3″]Together with the client, Catherine analyzes each situation, creating a logical, attainable, and highly individualized organization plan, which provides for accountability. She emphasizes balance and focus through virtual organizing and productivity.[/image_with_text]
[image_with_text title_tag=”h2″ image=”21704″ title=”Information Management and Filing Systems” title_color=”#88ace3″]Catherine develops and implements accessible and manageable filing systems, whether paper or computerized. Special attention is given to helping clients maintain the filing systems, once established. In addition, medical billing/insurance and homeowner inventories are digitized for your ease of use when filing claims. Comprehensive estate organization of trusts, wills, real estate, taxes are easily accessed through labeled binders and digital files.[/image_with_text]
[image_with_text title_tag=”h2″ image=”21706″ title=”Assistance with Packing and Unpacking” title_color=”#88ace3″]Moving need not be stressful; careful preparation and conscientious packing insure a smooth transition. When downsizing or remodeling, Catherine works in tandem with contractors and owners coordinating all parties to obtain satisfying results. Take advantage of Catherine’s personal organization skills to minimize the clutter and assure your next move is efficient.[/image_with_text]

Business Organizing Services

[image_with_text title_tag=”h2″ image=”21712″ title=”Paper Management and Filing Systems” title_color=”#88ace3″]Organizes information, whether in paper or computer form, with special consideration for back-up and continuous updating. Assesses for consolidation of volume, as well as reduction of unneeded materials.[/image_with_text]
[image_with_text title_tag=”h2″ image=”21710″ title=”Storage Systems” title_color=”#88ace3″]Maintains updated knowledge of current trends in design, offering the latest information on what works best with your décor, in effort to organize your business office to be both functional and aesthetic.[/image_with_text]
[image_with_text title_tag=”h2″ image=”21713″ title=”Work Flow Systems” title_color=”#88ace3″]Assesses clients’ work style and patterns as well as immediate needs and career goals. Assists with prioritizing in increments so that long-term organization goals can be achieved.[/image_with_text]
[image_with_text title_tag=”h2″ image=”21711″ title=”Space Design and Planning” title_color=”#88ace3″]With her aptitude for problem solving, and her visualization skills, Catherine evaluates to create space that is practical, promotes efficiency, and provides a harmonious work environment.[/image_with_text]