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The Art of Professional Organization


From the stitching on a handmade sweater to the arrangement of furniture in a room, Catherine Carpizo has always had a strong impulse to figure out how things fit together. “This is just how my brain operates,” she says. No wonder Carpizo gravitated to a field whose main goal is to create order out of chaos, to turn clutter into professionally and efficiently organized spaces. So while she believes that there is a scientific element to organizing, what sets Carpizo apart is her talent for melding intuition and ingenuity. The result is a home or office that is aesthetically pleasing and effectively designed with organization and streamlining tools that save time.

“Organization will be achieved, but must allow for change along the way,” she says. This means incorporating lifestyle, age, comfort level, goals, passions, and career intentions through a client-centered approach. “I understand that anxiety and confusion about one’s surroundings can overwhelm anyone,” she says. So rather than applying a cookie-cutter approach, Carpizo employs active listening to create organizing solutions and strategies uniquely suited to her clientele.